Travaux en anglais avec les 1ère STD2A

mercredi 2 novembre 2011
par  G. Kleczek
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Les élèves de 1STD2A travaillent en ce moment en anglais sur un projet pédagogique dont le thème est l’art contemporain (Street Art - Pop Art/ Banksy - Warhol).

L’un des objectifs est de soulever le débat de ce qui fait une oeuvre d’art, de sa valeur intrinsèque. Voici quelques textes issus d’une première réflexion en classe, puis individuelle.

Voici des exemples de productions d’élèves accompagnés d’images d’oeuvres contemporaines :

What is art ?

As far as I am concerned, Art is a way to express ourselves to free from the reality, to create our own world. That’s a way to escape. Art is a dream, which becomes true. Art is our identity. If we can make a living from art, I think that’s a fabulous thing.
Everyone has his/her own idea of what art is. In fact, art has no limit and it has lots of different forms. And I am convinced that art must be aesthetic, subtle and something moving. Finally, this is my opinion of art.

Chea Julie 1°STD2A

Is it Art or not ?

My hands smell of you, 2010-2011, Krishnaraj Chonat

I’ve chosen the work of art of Krishnaraj Chonat because personally I have the feeling that it is stunning. Indeed at first sight we can believe that computer wastes are useless and it makes us think about the presence of this work of art.
For me, it’s a symbolic work of art. While some people would think it’s very silly, disturbing and a worthless work of art ; in my opinion it’s very elaborate, though, creative and very original.
It shows that our wastes of computers can be used differently but also that our use of electronics is such that we must react.
Therefore, it’s a means of conveying a message or an opinion.

Legendre Charlotte 1°STD2A

Bird Nest, Andy Goldsworthy

In this work Goldsworthy lets vegetables and rocks speaking. He never uses other tools to part natural elements ; this art may be abstract, may be realistic but is always in association with the environment. Besides the peculiarity of this art is that it is ephemeral, interesting, ingenious and witty.
I find it fascinating because land art is an ephemeral beauty, and to create an artwork, you need a lot of ingenuity.
Personally, I have the feeling that there is a real appropriateness in the work of the artist and its environment.

Mélanie Galloy 1°STD2A

Here’s my homework about Michel Blazy’s artwork !

In my opinion, Blazy’s artwork is very disturbing. What a strange idea ! It looks a bit ugly and shocking. I find it peculiar, but it’s incredible too : it’s very original ! Personally, I think it’s creative and striking. It looks contemporary to me, because the artist has taken the risk to do something new. It’s a little humorous too ; it shows that art doesn’t need to be "beautiful" and classic. So I think it’s art : art can be everything !

Nguyen Thuy 1°STD2A


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